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COVID-19 Policy

This is Dysautonomia International’s first indoor event since the pandemic started in 2020. Since many of our community members are working hard to protect themselves from COVID-19, we are implementing COVID-19 policies that will be strictly enforced.



All attendees will be issued three self-administered nasal swab COVID tests. The test must be taken each day before entry into the conference space will be permitted. The negative test should be brought to the registration desk and shown to the monitor where you will be issued a wrist band signifying you are permitted to enter the conference for that day.


If you test positive, you will not be permitted to enter the conference that day or any remaining days of the conference, including Dysautonomia Advocacy Day. If you test positive please do not bring your positive test to the conference registration desk. Please notify Dysautonomia International staff by texting or calling 845-532-3477. Our staff will provide you with a refund for your conference registration and a list of local medical clinics and pharmacies that can assist with COVID. A complimentary virtual registration will be offered to any guest denied admission to the conference because they tested positive during the conference.



If you are feeling symptoms of possible COVID-19, such as a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms that may not be part of your typical dysautonomia symptoms, whether you test positive or not, we ask that you do not enter the conference area. All in-person Conference Registrations will come with a complimentary Virtual Registration, so you can view the event later from home if needed.



All guests must wear masks when indoors, other than when eating or presenting lectures. If you use a mask with a breathing valve, you must also wear a secondary mask over it to protect other guests. If you are unable to wear a mask, please register for our Virtual Registration option.


Outdoor Space

Conference guests will have access to an optional outdoor seating area. We encourage guests to enjoy this space during meal times or when connecting with other conference guests socially if you would like to do so.

Despite these preventive measures, we cannot guarantee a COVID-free conference, so we encourage all guests to be fully vaccinated and exercise caution on your travels to and from the conference.


Refund Policy

  • Prior to June 20, 2023, your registration is fully refundable less a $20 service charge per registration to cover the cost of administration of your registration and refund.

  • After June 20, 2023, no refunds will be issued, other than the COVID-19 screening refunds discusses above, due to guarantees that must be given to the hotel by this date for meals and equipment fees. 

  • Registrations are not transferrable.


If you have already paid for your registration and would like a refund prior to June 20th, please email us.


Pet Policy

Pets are not permitted to attend the Conference. The only animals permitted at the Conference are service animals trained to work or perform tasks needed to assist a person with a disability, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Service animals must be under control of handlers at all times. If a service animal is out of control and the handler does not take effective action to control the animal, staff may request that the animal be removed from the Conference space to protect the safety of our guests and other service animals attending the Conference.

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